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Nominations don’t always go smoothly – as Hector LaSalle’s reminds us

Sometimes there’s not total agreement on a nominee or appointee from the mayor or governor.

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Latino politicians split on Hochul’s embattled chief judge pick

In a letter shared exclusively with City & State, more than 70 Latinx leaders explained their opposition to chief judge nominee Hector LaSalle.

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'New York has done its share,' Eric Adams says on migrant crisis

The mayor is making direct calls for action from the federal government to address the influx of asylum seekers, many of whom have landed in New York City.


Opinion: Don’t judge LaSalle before giving him a state Senate confirmation hearing

The judicial nominee deserves a chance to talk about his record in the face of criticism that has labeled him too conservative.

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Senate Judiciary chair says prospects are dim for Hochul’s chief judge pick

State Sen. Brad Hoylman’s committee is tasked with reviewing the nominee and deciding whether to advance Hector LaSalle for a floor vote.

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George Santos admits to lying about his resume in a series of interviews

There are still a handful of unanswered questions about the GOP Congress Member-Elect.

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‘It’s on life support.’ Hochul’s chief judge pick faces existential opposition

A growing number of Democrats have expressed publicly that they will vote against Hector LaSalle, possibly pressuring the governor to appeal to Republicans.

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With asylum-seekers in the spotlight, mayor and council battle over city finances

New York City Council members responded with outrage over the mayor’s requests to fork over discretionary funding.

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Assembly committee hears evidence of Lester Chang’s residency

The newly elected Assembly member could be blocked from being seated over questions about his Brooklyn residency.

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The 3 nominees progressives won’t tolerate on New York’s highest court

A coalition of dozens of activist and advocacy groups has united to promote three candidates, oppose another three candidates and reserve judgment on a seventh.

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NYC Council ‘still waiting’ to see a plan on mayor’s plan for severe mental illness

Eric Adams and his team have been doing a media blitz, explaining and defending last week’s announcement.

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Will Eric Adams’ mandate to involuntarily hospitalize mentally ill persons work?

Mental health professionals offered mixed reviews on the mandate which already has caused a backlash with advocates for persons suffering from mental illness.

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HIV advocates charge Hochul hasn’t delivered on promise to end AIDS epidemic in New York

A year has passed since the governor made a commitment to ending the sexually transmitted disease, and HIV advocacy groups are demanding action.

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Five big takeaways from the new Assembly draft map

While it’s been a long, bumpy road, the Independent Redistricting Commission’s new map is the beginning of the end to this year’s redistricting mess.

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Peter Abbate is fundraising – but doesn’t think he’ll run again

The outgoing senator lost his Brooklyn seat to Lester Chang, who is facing residency questions from Assembly Democrats.

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New York City agencies to involuntarily admit more severely mentally ill persons for evaluations

Mayor Eric Adams clarified Tuesday that people do not have to be a danger to themselves or others to receive help.