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Jonathan English

is a doctoral candidate in urban planning at Columbia University.



Increase Penn Station’s capacity with fewer platforms

While Gov. Cuomo’s ambition to improve capacity is commendable, the recently announced plan is all wrong.



High-speed rail between Buffalo and NYC isn’t cost-effective

Instead, Gov. Andrew Cuomo should invest in local transit improvements all over the state.

Jerry Nadler


Why returning NYC’s freight transportation to the waterways won’t work

New York City has initiated a $100 million plan to try to solve the city’s age-old problems with freight transportation. But the city’s attempt to go back to the future by returning shipping to the waterways won’t solve many of the worst freight-traffic problems.

Andy Byford


The MTA’s flashy new plan won’t solve the delays

Upgraded signals could provide significant service improvement, but to fully deliver speed and reliability would require changes to operating practices as well.



Free street parking in Manhattan is a rip-off

Stopping suburbanites from parking in Upper Manhattan should only be the beginning of parking reform.

Andrew Cuomo


New skyscrapers near Penn Station are a good idea

New skyscrapers near Penn Station are the ideal way to finance the station's reconstruction.



Andy Byford reformed transit in Toronto. Can he do it in NYC?

New York City's new transit chief innovated in Toronto. His new home could use some of that.

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