The 2019 session countdown

The New York State Senate.
The New York State Senate.
Mike Groll
The New York State Senate.

The 2019 session countdown

Everything you need to know, as the session's end grows nearer.
May 24, 2019

In the early weeks of the state legislative session, newly empowered Democrats passed one progressive bill after another: election reforms, protections for transgender New Yorkers, codifying Roe v. Wade in state law, the Child Victims Act, the state DREAM Act, gun control, a statewide plastic bag ban and on and on.

But as the easier bills advanced, other policy proposals have proven to be more intractable. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers are trying to legalize recreational marijuana, but they still haven’t gotten on the same page. The governor called for raising the cap on charter schools in New York City, but many of his fellow Democrats aren’t interested. Other issues – creating a single-payer health care system, scrapping the admission test for New York City’s elite high schools, legalizing mobile sports gambling – may face even longer odds this session.

In this year’s session countdown, we identify the biggest bills that are still up for debate – and assess how likely they are to pass in the final weeks of the session. Here's everything you need to know, as we get closer to the session's end.

Criminal Justice

No clarity on push for police transparency

Bail reform done, lawmakers look at more criminal justice bills


Cuomo's charter school dilemma

Albany's end of session education agenda


Will rent regulations be tightened?


The under-the-radar infrastructure issues

Who will prevail in New York's prevailing wage fight?

Energy & Environment

Debate over fossil fuel divestment fires up organized labor

Everyone wants to combat climate change. How fast can NY do it?


The uncertain future of Amazon HQ2-inspired bills

The Labor movement's push for farmworker's rights

Health Care

Closing the window on recreational marijuana

Health care proposals are heating up


Stopping sexual harassment, cleaning up Albany, taking on Trump — and more

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