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Will new correction officers union contract boost recruitment for DOC?

The agency losing five officers to attrition for every new hire is offering raises and bonuses, although some of the promised perks in the deal have come into question.


Opinion: Paving the way to protecting workers

A look back at how New York has supported its ever-changing workforce.

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Report: Nail salon technicians have higher rate of reproductive health issues

The study comes as proposed legislation would create protections for these workers, typically Asian and Latin American immigrants already subject to poor working conditions.

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Working to keep air traffic control jobs on Long Island

A Q&A with Rep. Anthony D’Esposito on how his subcommittee post has positioned him to help FAA workers.

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Crickets from Building Trades Council on New York’s housing deal

The construction unions were absent from an event with Gov. Kathy Hochul celebrating labor wins in the state budget.

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Exclusive: Environmental, labor groups call for more climate funding in city budget

A letter to the City Council calls for investing an additional $600 million in the electrification of public schools and allocating more funding to help implement Local Law 97.

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Laborers union asks legislature to include $40 minimum wage in 421-a replacement

The Mason Tenders District Council has already agreed to a wage deal with REBNY and now wants legislators to codify it into law.

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District Council 37 endorses Rep. Jamaal Bowman

He has also been endorsed by 1199SEIU and the New York State Nurses Association.

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Trade unions say REBNY is lowballing them in negotiations over 421-a replacement

The Steamfitters and the Carpenters say the Real Estate Board of New York’s proposal guarantees wages well below their unions’ prevailing wages.


Over 37,000 migrants applied for asylum and work authorization through city help centers

While New York City has increased legal assistance for asylum-seekers after opening a help center devoted to helping migrants apply for asylum and work authorization, the City Council expressed concerns Tuesday about a lack of funding included in the 2025 fiscal preliminary budget.


Health care unions in New York are fighting back for better pay

After the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and nurses have been striking in greater numbers.


State lawmakers look to improve pensions to attract public sector workers

Complaints are rampant about the Tier 6 pension level, which some believe make working for the state less appealing.