Criminal justice


Should cops have to live in NYC?

It could improve community relations, but unions object and even some reform advocates are unenthused.


Why New York City hasn’t gotten police overtime under control

The NYPD has blown past its nominal cap for years without consequence.

New York State

How virtual court could be harming defendants

An essential human element of the justice system may be lost when proceedings happen remotely.

Criminal justice

Will jails let inmates access medically assisted treatment for drug addiction?

Most New York jails don’t allow the treatment, but there’s a bill to change that.

New York State

State Legislature moves to restore voting rights to parolees

The state Senate has passed the decade-old bill for the first time since its introduction

Criminal justice

Bail reform reduced jail populations, but racial disparities worsened

New report details how the criminal justice system changed during the pandemic.


Can legalizing pot help communities heal?

Lawmakers and advocates fear that Cuomo’s proposal won’t.

Criminal justice

Rochester’s new Person in Crisis team might have prevented 9-year-old’s pepper spraying

Even though the city created a non-police unit to deal with individuals in emotional distress, they weren’t on the scene.

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Criminal justice

Why aren’t state prisoners being vaccinated yet?

New York goes against CDC recommendations by not vaccinating corrections officers and inmates at the same time.

Criminal justice

State Legislature may restore voting rights to parolees

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done it through executive order, but this would make the change permanent.

Sheldon Silver

Sheldon Silver’s many prison sentences

The former Assembly speaker is finally serving time – and he’s staying in prison.

Criminal justice

Putting Cuomo’s small-town police reform praise into perspective

An annotated press release of the governor’s statement on the village of Lowville “reinventing and modernizing” its police department.

Criminal justice

Incarcerated New Yorkers may lose out on stimulus checks

Prisoners have just a week left to claim their stimulus checks. But many say they have not been provided with the paperwork.

Criminal justice

Manhattan DA candidates differ on gang conspiracy cases

Famous for taking down crime lords, conspiracy charges are now more often levied against young Black men.


The NYPD has a surveillance problem

The department is facing multiple lawsuits over the use and disclosure of its digital surveillance practices.