Winners & Losers

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers

Who’s up and who’s down this week?

It’s just like the old days in Albany: It’s the end of April and New York still doesn’t have a budget. We’re on extender No. 4 now, which will keep the little government that could chugging along until Monday, but with new reports that housing policy is totally nixed from negotiations, it could be an indication that an ending’s in sight. Since this is Gov. Kathy Hochul’s second late budget since taking office, maybe reading Melissa DeRosa’s new book would give her some ideas about how their former boss Andrew Cuomo got deals done mostly under the clock.


Rowan Wilson -

After months without a permanent head of the state judiciary, Rowan Wilson was confirmed by the Senate to lead the state Court of Appeals, making history as New York’s first Black chief judge. Wilson’s confirmation process was positively frictionless compared to that of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s previous nominee, Hector LaSalle, though Wilson faced some pushback over one past decision to vacate a rape conviction due to prosecution error. Almost before anyone could read the Wilson headlines, the state Senate confirmed Hochul (and Chevron) ally Caitlin Halligan to fill Wilson’s spot as an associate justice.

Jessica Tisch -

It’s a good time to be New York City Department of Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch. Not only is the department gobbling up more city jobs like highway cleanup from the less-than-pleased Department of Transportation, she remains Mayor Eric Adams favorite agency head, sweeping away the competition. According to the mayor, Tisch is the poster child of efficiency. She even appeared on Adams’ podcast this week – perhaps the ultimate seal of approval from a mayor intent to showcase the city’s wins.


Patrick Burke -

An Assembly member has been accused of sexual misconduct. No not THAT one … this time it’s Democrat Patrick Burke. A former legislative director to the Buffalo Assembly member has accused Burke of making inappropriate comments about women's appearances, joking about genitalia and discussing the sex lives of his underage children – among other egregious accusations. While Burke has vehemently denied the allegations, lawmakers and sexual harassment advocates have continued to give him the side eye since the news broke.

Michael Ragusa -

Imagine Rudy Giuliani backing somebody who is allegedly cheating at politics! A shock! But sure enough, Bay Ridge Republican Michael Ragusa, a friend of Rudy, ended his City council campaign after City & State reported that Assembly Member Alec Brook-Krasny accused him of forging his signature on petitions. Ragusa said he might’ve been sabotaged by a staffer. And in the rough and tumble world of southern Brooklyn politics? That’s actually possible.

Jeff Maddrey -

The New York City Police Department’s top-ranking uniformed officer was caught red-handed abusing his authority to protect a brother in blue. NYPD Chief of Department Jeff Maddrey ordered the voiding of an arrest of a retired cop who allegedly chased three boys with a gun in 2021. While the CCRB recommended Maddrey lose 10 vacation days for the substantiated charge of misconduct, it’s up to Commissioner Keechant Sewell to determine discipline. And lucky for Maddrey, she has a habit of overruling the watchdog’s recommendations.

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