Winners & Losers

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers

Who’s up and who’s down this week?

Sometimes all it takes to understand a complex idea is to break it down into smaller parts. So sit down, and try to be patient with yourself as we talk through how trash works OK? So trash is like, gross, and rats like it and often it’s put outside in plastic garbage bags. This is called (big concept coming up) the axis of filth. So in order to deal with that, New York City is going to try something called, big breath here, this is a $10 word: containerization. What’s going to happen is the city is going to try to put the trash in containers. Have you ever heard of or seen trash cans? Like that. Need more help understanding this incredibly complicated concept? Email


Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams -

The state’s two most powerful executives got a big break when President Joe Biden’s administration authorized an extension of Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, for Venezuelan migrants who arrived before July 31. TPS gives people the ability to work legally and live in the U.S. temporarily due to unrest and instability in their home countries, and it’s something Mayor Eric Adams has pushed for as New York City sees an influx of migrants. Gov. Kathy Hochul had the good fortune to have met with Biden shortly before the announcement was made, so she got to claim credit.

Mike Gianaris/Karines Reyes -

No constitutional amendment? No problem. After voters rejected the expansion of absentee voting when it was on the ballot in 2021, state Sen. Mike Gianaris and Assembly Member Karines Reyes introduced a work around – creating a new mail ballot process separate from the issue of absentees, that requires a change to the state constitution, in order to bring no-excuse vote-by-mail to the masses. That bill has now been signed into law, and though it already faces legal challenge, they’re confident it will hold up to legal scrutiny.

Rick Cotton -

Even Robert Moses couldn’t claim this: saving a New York transportation landmark from being known as the worst in the country. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Executive Director Rick Cotton has been focused a lot on improving New York’s airports, including a major renovation of LaGuardia and it’s paid off. A new survey has customer satisfaction ranking it in the middle of the nation’s airports, a far cry from dead last status.


Rudy Giuliani -

When we last left Rudy, he had been indicted in Georgia under the RICO Act – the same law he used as a federal prosecutor against the Mafia and corrupt politicians in the 1980s. Since then, things have only gotten even worse for America’s Mayor. He owes close to $3 million in unpaid legal fees, and this week, his own attorney joined a lawsuit against him for nonpayment. In the immortal words of Alanis Morissette, isn’t it ironic?

Catherine Rinaldi -

Hell hath no fury like a Long Islander scorned. Catherine Rinaldi has been doing her best running both of New York’s commuter rails, but after sustained complaints from Long Island Rail Road commuters about sharing a leader with MetroNorth, Catherine Rinaldi announced she would step down from her interim position heading the LIRR. It’s not like she was sitting on her hands the year-and-a-half with the LIRR – she oversaw the completion of the massive Third Track and Grand Central Madison projects – but Long Islanders were tired of playing second fiddle to the Hudson Valley.

William, Prince of Wales -

Eric Adams, patriot that he is, proved he doesn’t give two shites about having an audience with the royals after canceling an appearance with Prince William at the last minute this week. Despite probably having plenty to bond over with the heir apparent to the British throne – what it’s like being handpicked by God to serve, for example Wills was jilted during a visit to a Lower Manhattan fire station where he came to thank first responders. After Adams canceled, Prince William settled for an audience with FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh.