New York State

2024 New York state Senate and Assembly primary election results

Incumbents on all sides of the Democratic Party are on the defensive from competitive challengers.

Assembly Member Sarahana Shrestha is trying to protect the progressive mantle in the Hudson Valley against challenger Gabi Madden.

Assembly Member Sarahana Shrestha is trying to protect the progressive mantle in the Hudson Valley against challenger Gabi Madden. Pete Cavanaugh; Gabi Madden campaign

With a slew of retirements and other shakeups leaving seats open in the state Legislature, and a variety of challenges to incumbents from both the center and the left, there are no shortage of state legislative primaries to watch this Election Day. No part of the state is being left out: from Long Island to Rochester, Democrats are facing off either to determine the likely next state representative, or to move a candidate along to a competitive general election in November.

Progressives are looking to increase their numbers in the state Legislature after a lackluster 2022, with both the Working Families Party and the Democratic Socialists of America expending resources to elect their preferred candidates. But moderates and the establishment are also looking to regain ground, with challenges to progressive incumbents that have both sides on the defensive this cycle. Sprinkle in some local political fighting among power brokers, and a couple competitive Republican primaries, and you have the recipe for an exciting summer election night across New York.

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State Senate

District 6, Democratic Party

Long Island, including Hempstead, Rockville Center, Freeport and Garden City

Incumbent: Democrat Kevin Thomas, leaving the Legislature 

Siela Bynoe: 51.33%

Taylor Darling: 44.72%

With 234 of 234 election districts reported

District 7, Democratic Party

Long Island, north shore from Great Neck to Laurel Hollow

Incumbent: Republican Jack Martins

Kim Keiserman: 74.23%

Brad Schwartz: 23.97%

With 264 of 264 election districts reported

District 48, Republican Party

Syracuse and parts of Central New York

Incumbent: Democrat Rachel May

Caleb Slater: 53.37%

Fanny Patricia Villarreal: 41.14%

With 286 of 286 election districts reported

District 50

Central New York, including the suburbs of Syracuse

Incumbent: Democrat John Mannion, who is running for Congress

Chris Ryan: 52.59%

Tom Drumm: 37.21%

With 290 of 290 election districts reported


District 4, Democratic Party

Long Island, north shore Suffolk County including Port Jefferson and Coram 

Incumbent: Republican Ed Flood

Rebecca Kassay: 61.59%

Skyler Johnson: 34.63%

With 84 of 84 election districts reported

District 18, Democratic Party

Long Island, Nassau County including Hempstead and Freeport

Incumbent: Democrat Taylor Darling, who is running for state Senate

Noah Burroughs: 46.57%

Lisa Ortiz: 43.65%

With 77 of 77 election districts reported

District 21, Democratic Party

Nassau County, including Rockville Centre, Lynbrook and South Hempstead

Incumbent: Republican Brian Curran

Judy Griffin: 79.50%

Patricia Maher: 14.48%

With 116 of 116 election districts reported

District 25, Republican Party

Queens, including parts of Flushing, Queensboro Hill and Fresh Meadows

Incumbent: Democrat Nily Rozic

Kenneth Paek: 69.15%

Kenneth Chiu: 29.94%

With 50 of 50 election districts reported

District 35, Democratic Party

Queens, including East Elmhurst, LaGuardia Airport and Citi Field

Incumbent: Democrat Jeffrion Aubry, who is retiring

Larinda Hooks: 56.98%

Hiram Monserrate: 39.02%

With 65 of 65 election districts reported

District 37, Democratic Party

Queens, including Long Island City, Sunnyside and Ridgewood

Incumbent: Democrat Juan Ardila

Claire Valdez: 58.03%

Johanna Carmona: 31.28%

Juan Ardila: 9.68%

With 71 of 71 election districts reported

District 40, Democratic Party

Queens, including Flushing

Incumbent: Democrat Ron Kim

Ron Kim: 53.11%

Yi Andy Chen: 39.12%

Dao Yin: 5.77%

With 49 of 49 election districts reported

District 50, Democratic Party

Brooklyn, including Greenpoint and part of Williamsburg

Incumbent: Democrat Emily Gallagher

Emily Gallagher: 74.92%

Anathea Simpkins: 20.60%

Andrew Bodiford: 3.45%

With 67 of 67 election districts reported

District 56, Democratic Party

Brooklyn, including Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights

Incumbent: Democrat Stefani Zinerman

Stefani Zinerman: 52.50%

Eon Huntley: 46.68%

With 70 of 70 election districts reported

District 68, Democratic Party

Manhattan, including East Harlem and Randalls Island

Incumbent: Democrat Eddie Gibbs

Eddie Gibbs: 41.36%

Xavier Santiago: 32.68%

Tamika Mapp: 16.41%

William Smith: 6.26%

With 81 of 81 election districts reported

District 69, Democratic Party

Manhattan, including Morningside Heights and the Upper West Side

Incumbent: Democrat Danny O’Donnell, who is retiring

Micah Lasher: 52.31%

Eli Northrup: 33.95%

Carmen Quinones: 5.74%

Melissa Rosenberg: 4.76%

Jack Kellner: 2.02%

With 84 of 84 election districts reported

District 70, Democratic Party

Manhattan, including West Harlem and Central Harlem

Incumbent: Democrat Inez Dickens, who is retiring

Jordan Wright: 47.36%

Maria Ordonez: 29.12%

Shana Harmongoff: 16.50%

Craig Schley: 4.84%

With 72 of 72 election districts reported

District 77, Democratic Party

Bronx, including Highbridge

Incumbent: Democrat Landon Dais

Landon Dais: 57.19%

Leonardo Coello: 39.88%

With 63 of 63 election districts reported

District 82, Democratic Party

Bronx, including Co-Op City and Pelham Bay

Incumbent: Democrat Michael Benedetto

Michael Benedetto: 60.87%

Jonathan Soto: 36.91%

With 79 of 79 election districts reported

District 92, Democratic Party

Parts of Westchester County, including Dobbs Ferry and Pleasantville

Incumbent: Democrat MaryJane Shimsky 

MaryJane Shimsky: 56.70%

Thomas Abinanti: 38.05%

With 115 of 122 election districts reported

District 103, Democratic Party

Hudson Valley from Gardiner to Saugerties and parts of Dutchess County

Incumbent: Democrat Sarahana Shrestha

Sarahana Shrestha: 66.20%

Gabi Madden: 33.60%

With 119 of 119 election districts reported

District 106, Democratic Party

Hudson Valley from parts of Poughkeepsie to Hudson

Incumbent: Democrat Didi Barrett

Didi Barrett: 57.04%

Claire Cousin: 42.74%

With 66 of 66 election districts reported

District 109, Democratic Party

Capital District, parts of Albany

Incumbent: Democrat Pat Fahy, who is running for state Senate

Gabriella Romero: 29.15%

Ginnie Farrell: 20.72%

Dustin Reidy: 16.69%

Owusu Anane: 14.02%

Andrew Joyce: 8.79%

Jack Flynn: 7.82%

With 112 of 112 election districts reported

District 137, Democratic Party

Western New York, including the area west of Rochester

Incumbent: Democrat Demond Meeks

Demond Meeks: 65.35%

Willie Lightfoot: 32.98%

With 100 of 100 election districts reported