economic development

New York City Council

BIDs say commercial rent regulation bill is bad for business

New York City's business improvement district association comes out against the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.


New York City high schools should expand vocational education

New York City high schools should expand vocational education to train students for the jobs of the future.

Staten Island

New Staten Island Amazon facility could exacerbate truck traffic

NYC’s freight plan aims to reduce congestion, but the state is subsidizing an Amazon fulfillment center that could exacerbate truck traffic.

New York

Low-income New Yorkers are getting more economically hopeful

More low-income New Yorkers are hopeful that upward mobility is attainable, according to a report by the Community Service Society of New York, but it also finds that 2 out of 3 among them still feel they are in a precarious, if not worsening, economic situation.

Jerry Nadler

Why returning NYC’s freight transportation to the waterways won’t work

New York City has initiated a $100 million plan to try to solve the city’s age-old problems with freight transportation. But the city’s attempt to go back to the future by returning shipping to the waterways won’t solve many of the worst freight-traffic problems.

Andrew Cuomo

Ignore that Buffalo Billion conviction. We're legalizing pot!

The New York state Health Department officially recommended legalizing marijuana the day after Alain Kaloyeros, a former top economic development official, was convicted of corruption.

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