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New York State

Will essential workers have enough PPE for a second wave?

Mixed messages and flimsy regulations could leave nurses and others defenseless again.

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Pandemic drives New York’s Medicaid enrollment up

Increased reliance on Medicaid could further increase the state’s spending, though federal aid has helped offset the burden.

New York City

NY quarantine doesn’t apply to VMA celebs

In the latest instance of COVID inequality, performers at MTV award show get special treatment.

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Lawmakers express horror at planned EMS layoffs

Without more funding, the city says it will be forced to fire 400 first responders.

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State evaluates bill that would require hiring more nurses

A new Health Department report said it could be too costly to implement for some hospitals and nursing homes.

New York City

Oxiris Barbot resigns as NYC health commissioner

She will be replaced by Dave Chokshi, who was a senior leader at New York City Health + Hospitals.

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COVID-19 testing delays require federal action

Experts say a national program to increase the supply of materials is needed.

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Cuomo's nursing home panel overlooks important fact

Testing residents and employees sooner could have slowed the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes.

New York City

NYC turns its attention to medical racism

After a Black woman died after giving birth, renewed interest in tackling longstanding racial disparities.

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What Cuomo’s nursing home report does not say

Nursing home deaths from COVID-19 are more complicated than the state Department of Health report explains.

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How the coronavirus harkens back to another modern epidemic

There are differences between how AIDS emerged compared with the coronavirus. But the faltering government response, disparate health outcomes for people of color and heightened stigma during the coronavirus pandemic harken back to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

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ThriveNYC director reaches out to isolated New Yorkers

A Q&A with Susan Herman on the mental health impact of the coronavirus, her office’s transparency and telemedicine.

New York City

What role should police play in New York’s mental health response?

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a mental health crisis, and recent turmoil amid protests against police brutality may make it more acute.