Health Care

Health Care

Should NY relax its mask mandate?

Public health experts and epidemiologists are concerned that doing so could lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

New York City

Is NY reopening too quickly?

It all depends on how well the city can adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.

New York State

Vaccine passports raise equity, privacy concerns

New York’s Excelsior Pass can’t be equitable until vaccinations are equitable, some advocates say.


Smaller homeless shelters need vaccination help

Overcoming hesitancy among residents and getting them to vaccination sites pose challenges.

Health Care

Is New York reopening too soon?

More transmissible COVID-19 variants are rapidly spreading, yet restrictions are being loosened.


The kids are not alright

Getting them back into the classroom will help, but they’ll need more mental health support when they return.

Health Care

A timeline of Cuomo’s handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes

The governor is being criticized over the issue again. Here’s everything that has happened on it.

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Health Care

The pandemic revealed the pros and cons of New York's health care system

New York’s hospitals proved resilient, while health care disparities remained.

Health Care

NY’s murky records mask rising Medicaid costs

The state was quietly busting through its self-imposed Medicaid spending cap – and that was before the pandemic struck.

Health Care

Where does NY’s mental health stand?

The state’s residents are dealing with heightened levels of anxiety, depression and substance abuse – with too few resources available to them.


How midwives and doulas could reduce Black maternal mortality

New York City has a huge racial disparity in health problems among pregnant women.

Health Care

Upcoming vaccine shipments might not fix racial disparities

Experts say outreach efforts have to accelerate alongside increases in supplies.

New York City

NYC launches website to highlight social equity outcomes

New data shows the city’s race and gender gaps on health, economic and educational indicators.

Health Care

Did New York let doctors get away with sexual misconduct?

Internal whistleblowers say a branch of the state Department of Health was reluctant to penalize accused physicians.