Bill for privacy in homeless shelters unites progressives, conservatives

New York City Council members say individual sleeping areas would improve homeless New Yorkers’ quality of life.


Advocates decry 90-day waiting rule on affordable housing for sheltered New Yorkers as needless

A bill is now in the City Council to scrap the waiting period, but Mayor Eric Adams hasn’t said he’ll support it.

New York City

Strategies for solving homelessness in New York City and across the U.S.

A look at how communities are making progress helping people who are homeless.


NYC’s public spaces are becoming increasingly hostile toward homeless people

Limited seating, or a lack of it, in places like Moynihan Train Hall, don’t make the city’s affordability problem go away.


Here are all the barriers to turning hotels into permanent housing

New legislation was meant to advance conversions of failed hotels into affordable housing, but it won’t be easy or cheap.


Opinion: Lessons for Adams on homelessness from his mayoral predecessors

Here’s what past mayors did to help the homeless and implement supportive housing policies, some more successfully than others.


Jumaane Williams proposes ‘Homeless Bill of Rights’

The New York City public advocate wants to codify protections for unhoused people.


New York City workers keep throwing out homeless people’s belongings

The Sanitation Department said ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ but homeless advocates called the policy garbage.


Eric Adams insisted homeless shelters were ‘good’ alternative to encampments

The mayor responded to advocates who criticized him for directing city workers to clear makeshift campsites.

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Bureaucratic delays, mistakes block homeless families from finding shelter: report

The average monthly percentage of homeless families with children deemed eligible for shelter in New York City dipped to the lowest level since 2014 last year.


Adams and Hochul have a new plan to reduce homelessness on NYC subways

Elected officials want to bring in more cops, social service outreach and legal pressure.


Hochul and Adams take tag-team approach to subway homelessness

The move to direct more cops to the subway system has already raised some eyebrows.


How NYC’s right to shelter mandate works

Over the past four decades, this consent decree has helped secure temporary housing for thousands of homeless New Yorkers in need – but is it making for sustainable solutions?


What’s the deal with CORE Services Group?

The city’s biggest homeless services operator has been involved in some shady business dealings, according to a new report from The New York Times.


Christine Quinn’s on the other side of the table now

The former candidate weighs in on homeless policies in the New York City mayoral race.


Smaller homeless shelters need vaccination help

Overcoming hesitancy among residents and getting them to vaccination sites pose challenges.