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Madeline Lyskawa

is a former City & State editorial intern.

New York City


The Wednesday that could change New York City

From biker safety to animal rights to commercial waste, the City Council’s agenda is packed with groundbreaking legislation.

New York City


New York City Councilmembers call for hiring of noncitizens for 2020 census

In the last two censuses the federal government provided a waiver, but Donald Trump wasn’t in the White House then.

New York State


Giuliani’s most dubious connections

The globetrotting ex-mayor has a history of surrounding himself with shady fools.

New York City


The wildest New York City community meetings

Bike lanes and homeless shelters definitely rile up passionate New Yorkers.

Dan Quart


Will real estate donations help or hurt Dan Quart’s Manhattan DA campaign?

According to the New York State Board of Elections, for his 2021 campaign, Dan Quart has raised $29,850, and $19,400 is from real estate companies, construction companies or individuals associated with them. 

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