New York City

Fixing upstate’s transportation infrastructure

State lawmakers want more funding for roads and bridges in the next capital plan.

New York City

By the numbers: New York City’s plan for safer streets

The City Council passed requirements for 150 miles of miles of protected bus lines, 250 miles of protected bike lanes and more.

New York City

NYC ‘Parks Without Borders’ program draws controversy

New York City’s Parks Without Borders program has received glowing endorsements from elected officials, park conservancy groups, and positive press coverage, but some neighbors of the parks think the changes are harmful to the parks and longtime community members.

New York State

A light at the end for the Gateway tunnel

Trump is determined not to fund the project. Can NY and NJ make it happen anyway?

New York City

How the Port Authority is rebuilding New York

Executive Director Rick Cotton on the future of the WTC, and whether LaGuardia will annex Rikers.

New York City

Federal transportation bill unlikely to offer New York much

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works passed a new federal transportation authorization of $287 billion to build and maintain roads, bridges, and rails – and it contains a first-ever climate change provision, but it still falls short on New York’s climate and mass transit priorities.

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New York City

Jonathan Lippman says it’s too late to change course on closing Rikers

In recent weeks, Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to close Rikers Island and local residents criticized the proposed borough-based jails to replace it. But Jonathan Lippman, the former state chief judge, says it’s too late to reverse course.

New York State

The 2019 session countdown

In this year’s session countdown, we identify the biggest bills that are still up for debate – and assess how likely they are to pass in the final weeks of the session.

New York City

How New York could respond to the taxi medallion lending crisis

Since Sunday, when the New York Times investigation into predatory lending practices for taxi medallions was published, calls for action sprang forth from elected officials, but the proposals wouldn’t necessarily help cabbies who already lost everything.

New York State

Who will prevail in New York’s prevailing wage fight?

The prevailing wage bill currently on the table still lacks the support it needs to pass the Senate, according to lawmakers.


What the L?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s effort to avert L train shutdown is drawing skepticism from pols and the public alike.

Andrew Cuomo

The troubled history of the Tappan Zee’s replacement

The new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge’s faulty bolts are just the latest problem in the troubled history of the Tappan Zee’s replacement.

Health Care

Setting the Agenda 2019

With Democrats in control in Albany, here’s an in-depth rundown of what’s up for debate.