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Sarah Torres

is an intern with New York Nonprofit Media.

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MENA candidates have had several wins in New York – and more close calls

While there have been breakthrough successes, more MENA candidates have been trying for elected office in recent years.

Interviews & Profiles


Grace Lee on key takeaways from the Somos of the Midwest

The Manhattan Assembly member talked about what Albany legislators learned from Democratic lawmakers in other states.



NY Republicans are suing to keep their outside income. Here’s how much they make.

Republican state lawmakers, some of whom make big bucks in their second jobs, are arguing a $35,000 cap is unconstitutional.

New York State


New York ranks low in child well-being compared to other states

New data from The Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that the Empire state has one of the worst rankings in the country for child well-being at No. 30, and the road for improvement is lengthy.



Some NYC Council members didn’t disclose their free tour of Israel

Conflicts of Interest Board filings show other elected officials have been traveling as well.