Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Opinion: The mayoral primary challenge we need

It’s not about finding a leftist challenger to Eric Adams. It’s about finding a competent one.

Eric Adams

Why isn’t Eric Adams endorsing many City Council candidates?

The mayor has only endorsed two of the Democratic Council members facing tough re-election fights against Republican challengers.


Tech start-up incubator heralded as sign of things to come

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called the new Civic Hall in Manhattan’s Union Square, a “laboratory for the entire country."

New York City


Who’s who in Eric Adams’ administration

From deputy mayors to fixers to legal counsel, here are the insiders the mayor has appointed to run the city.

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Vegan Mayor Eric Adams cuts the ribbon on Midtown steakhouse

The Theater District location was the third opening for the three brothers who run the chain of restaurants.

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Adams criticized for not offering enough support for Palestinians

The mayor’s response to the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine has upset some local Muslim leaders, which could frustrate his attempts to court the growing voting bloc.

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On national TV, Eric Adams falsely accuses DSA of carrying swastikas and calling for extermination of Jews

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America have condemned the mayor’s inaccurate comments as cynical and are said to be considering legal action.

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Eric Adams defends trip south of the border

The New York City mayor pushed back on critics, saying that his four-day visit to Latin America accomplished exactly what he intended.

Energy & Environment

Mayor Eric Adams insists the city is prepared for this weekend’s storm

With the city’s response and preparation to recent weather events under investigation, the mayor is taking no chances in preparing the public for this weekend’s rain.

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Despite New York City’s ‘sanctuary city” status, Eric Adams hints at cooperation with immigration officials

The mayor said he would honor the laws on the books, but there remain other legal ways to collaborate with ICE agents

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Adams’ proposed changes to right to shelter would not be limited to migrant crisis

The city wants the court to relieve it of the right to shelter mandate whenever the homeless population spikes amid a state of emergency.

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Ahead of Latin America trip, Eric Adams drives home calls for help in migrant crisis

The New York City mayor is heading to Latin America to meet with local leaders about the asylum-seeker crisis and observe what’s happening on the ground.

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Will any of these progressives run against Eric Adams in 2025?

State Sen. Jessica Ramos, Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso and city Comptroller Brad Lander are being floated as potential primary challengers to Adams.


5 things to know about Eric Adams’ latest housing proposal

The New York City mayor unveiled the latest on his goal to become a “City of Yes.”

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Prince William gets canceled on by Eric Adams

The Prince of Wales was to meet with the mayor during his latest visit to New York City, but instead settled for greeting FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh at a Lower Manhattan firehouse.

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Report: NYC unable to process most welfare applications on time

Timely processing of cash assistance and SNAP applications continued to drop in the last fiscal year, according to the Mayor’s Management Report.

Eric Adams

Eric Adams hand hearts, an unnecessary deep dive

The New York City mayor unveiled a new photo pose this summer, and he can’t stop spreading peace and love.