Long Island

Long Island

Newsday: State helped cover up toxic plume

A new investigation reveals how the government made a Long Island disaster worse.

Criminal justice

Long Island Democrats pushing for bail reform

They’re facing pressure to revise the law, and failure could haunt them in November.

Long Island

Sex toys, a corrupt police chief and a DA found guilty

What you need to know about the trial of Thomas Spota, Suffolk’s former DA.

New York City

Keep Robert Moses’ name on Long Island

Robert Moses State Park already has the perfect name for a notoriously segregated region.

New York City

Politicians call for probes into unequal treatment of Long Island home buyers

Newsday’s in-depth undercover report on real estate agents’ discriminatory behavior has angered officials.

New York State

Fix New York state’s overtime and pension abuses

New York taxpayers can’t afford to keep paying padded pensions, but there is a solution: Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick submitted legislation to prohibit overtime payments from being factored into a retiree’s pension calculations, writes former Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

Andrew Cuomo

Why Cuomo is so furious at Long Island Senate Dems

Gov. Andrew Cuomo feels Long Island state Senate Democrats said nothing on behalf of the Amazon deal until it was too late.

New York City

Will Albany Dems be their own worst enemy?

Experts assess the issues that could divide the state Senate Democrats – and the long-term effects.

Andrew Cuomo

Poll: Is a civil war brewing among the state Senate Democrats?

Long Island Democrats reportedly complained about the opposition to Amazon’s HQ2. How serious is the rift?

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Todd Kaminsky

How Democrats finally did it on Long Island

The region’s large Republican state Senate delegation is no more. Here’s why.

Elaine Phillips

Can Anna Kaplan convince Long Islanders to trust a Democrat?

The challenger to state Sen. Elaine Phillips, Anna Kaplan has a liberal-leaning district, but faces fear of taxes.

New York State

The Long Island outlook

The biggest Long Island projects and policy matters in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Long Island

Will the blue wave obliterate the Long Island Nine?

If the Democrats want to retake the state Senate, they may need to undo decades of GOP control on the island.

Liuba Grechen Shirley

Liuba’s coming for Pete

Liuba Grechen Shirley is the congressional candidate who changed the game on campaign child care, and now she's looking to dethrone Rep. Pete King.

New York City

Party conventions, marijuana reform and a new attorney general

Party conventions, marijuana reform and a new attorney general round out the week’s top political news.