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New York City

Rental protections, budget disagreements and a billion-dollar loser

Donald Trump is New York's billion-dollar loser, Queens DA Richard Brown dies and New York City fights rental protections in This Week's Headlines.

New York City Council

BIDs say commercial rent regulation bill is bad for business

New York City's business improvement district association comes out against the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.

Donald Trump

Keeping tabs on Saudi ties to Trump’s NYC interests

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner’s New York businesses depend on money from Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Donald Trump

Why Donald and Fred Trump got away with it

There is little preventing landlords from operating similar schemes to Trump’s to jack up rents on regulated apartments.

Letitia James

Real estate spending heavily on attorney general race

REBNY and the Durst Organization have donated to multiple attorney general candidates

New York City

Why AMI are the three most controversial letters in New York housing policy

An explainer on New York City's area median income, and what it means for affordable housing.

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5 things to know about the Inwood rezoning

Last week, the New York City Council passed the highly contentious rezoning plan for the Upper Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood, meant to spur residential and commercial growth in the area while also allowing for the development of new affordable housing units.

New York City

What you need to know about the NYC charter revision commissions

Few New York City residents know that the city’s charter is being revisited not once, but twice. To get up to speed, here are the basic details about the process – and what key officials are saying about how it’s playing out.  

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Can NYC increase local input without endangering real estate projects?

Can New York City increase local input without endangering real estate projects? It’s a puzzle for a pair of dueling city charter commissions.

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Martin Dilan

Salazar takes aim at Dilan’s tenants rights record in state Senate primary

Julia Salazar, a socialist Democrat who is mounting a primary challenge against state Sen. Martin Dilan, says he is too cozy with real estate. Dilan's defenders says Salazar doesn't even know the Brooklyn district.

New York City

Tagging someone’s property doesn’t actually make it yours

In January, Jason Williams, a Los Angeles-based artist whose tag is Revok, sent a cease-and-desist letter to clothing retailer H&M, complaining that the company had shot a commercial in front of a mural Williams had painted at a Brooklyn playground. In February, a group of spray can artists who had painted pieces on the famous 5Pointz building in Long Island City won a $6.7 million award owner Jerry Wolkoff ripped down his own building.Graffiti writers who sue anyone for using or destroying their work are ultimately damaging the future of their own art form.