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Will the MTA board put the brakes on congestion pricing?

Four members of the MTA board have said that they disagree with Hochul’s decision to suspend congestion pricing, but Hochul seems likely to get her way.

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Hochul says she will delay NYC congestion pricing

Congestion pricing tolls were scheduled to start in Manhattan on June 30.


MTA gives final approval to congestion pricing plan

Though several lawsuits against the plan are still pending, the MTA board took a major step in approving details of the road tolling program on Wednesday.


Opinion: The plan to tax stock trades is a terrible idea

Restoring the stock trade tax will drive Wall Street traders out of New York City and harm ordinary investors.

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NY lawmakers call for tax credit reform after gnarly state audit

Turns out New York might be cool enough to make it on TV without having taxpayers foot the bill.


UFT, Staten Island borough president sue to block congestion pricing

The lawsuit is the latest in a series calling for a more thorough environmental review of the program’s impact on surrounding areas.


Congestion pricing is one step closer to becoming a reality. Here’s what you need to know.

“We really wanted to limit exemptions and we did,” Traffic Mobility Review Board Chair Carl Weisbrod said of the board’s recommendations.


Congestion pricing still has skeptics in the City Council

Many elected officials acknowledge the benefits of congestion pricing, but still have questions about the MTA’s implementation of the historic program.

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