New York City

Take the Eric Adams administration personality test

When they go low, do you drill for oil?

Mayor Eric Adams and members of his administration.

Mayor Eric Adams and members of his administration. Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

New York City Mayor Eric Adams had members of his administration take a “proprietary” Deloitte personality test that sorted them into Hogwarts Houses descriptive buckets like risk-taking “pioneers,” competition-focused “drivers,” loyal “guardians” and empathetic “integrators.” Reading this news, reported by Politico, the team at City & State was deeply offended. The Adams administration didn’t have to beg for freebie (sorry, pro-bono) management training off of Deloitte … We are more than happy to create our own personality test, open to the public and specifically catering to city government. You can take it for yourself below.

Q: Your opponent “goes low”, how do you react?

a) Drill for oil, meet them in the subbasement

b) Tell them to go back to Ohio

c) Resign because the illegal gambling investigation seems pretty serious

d) Give a fiery speech slamming the haters who may or may not be in City Hall

Q) Your close personal friend/sibling becomes the mayor, what’s your next move?

a) Move from another state to lead his security detail for $1 a year

b) Set up a bunch of meetings with the most controversial figures in local politics

c) Pat yourself on the back, you knew leasing that discounted Downtown Brooklyn office space would pay off

d) Continue to work for Resorts World, and consult the mayor, and collect a pension at the same time

Q: You’re having problems with your work laptop, how do you troubleshoot?

a) Shoot it with your gun, which you have for this exact situation

b) Leave City Hall, since the energies in the stones are probably what’s causing the problem

c) Leave it alone, emails leave a paper trail anyway

d) Borrow your partner’s laptop, because they also work in the administration

Q) You’re feeling hungry after work, where do you go for a bite to eat?

a) Osteria La Baia

b) Osteria La Baia

c) Osteria La Baia

d) Osteria La Baia

Q) How do you feel about rats?

a) They should literally be illegal, City Council better step up

b) They should all drown a watery death

c) You’re no rat, you didn’t say anything incriminating to investigators!

d) They’re going to hate this announcement, but they don’t run this city, we do

Q) How do you blow off steam?

a) Sneak off to your private office, down the street from City Hall

b) Smash an outdoor dining structure with a sledgehammer

c) Party at Zero Bond

d) Fire an underling who leaked bad, but true, news about your handling of homeless shelters

Mostly As: Inner Circle 

You know exactly what your boss needs and only you can deliver it. That’s why he pays you the big bucks (unless he’s only paying you $1).

Mostly Bs: Main Character Energy 

Stop & frisk yourself and check your ID. You might just be the mayor himself.

Mostly Cs: Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time

You were essential to getting this administration off the ground, but now it’s time to exit stage left and set up a consulting shop. Or go to jail. Could go either way.

Mostly Ds: The New Guard

2023 is going to be a big year for you. Haters and rats better watch their back.