Wind turbines as far as the eye can see
A discussion on sustainability with New York City and state's leading environmental officials.
Costa Constantinides
An interview with New York City Council Committee Chairman Costa Constantinides.
Basil Seggos, Commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, and Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York
A Q&A with energy czar Richard Kauffman and DEC chief Basil Seggos
Smoke pollution over new york city
How the state is addressing them and where it’s falling short.
Plastic bags floating in water.
Billions of plastic bags pollute NYC and Albany won’t let the city stop it.
Anbaric, a transmission and microgrid development company operating in the US and Canada.
The Missing Link to Realize New York’s Offshore Wind Energy Goals
Windfarms off the coast of long island
A federal lawsuit may be the last best shot to save their livelihoods.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces the second round of New York State Community Schools Initiative funding in 2014.
Cuomo is making districts report how they distribute aid to schools. Education experts say it's a distraction.
Crowd of anonymous people walking on busy New York City street
Many immigrant households may skip the survey, but NYC has a plan to fight back.
A two Car Accident
From virtual currency to distracted driving, we speak to key NY officials about how the industry is pushing forward.