Some observers are saying that the road to an IPO will be a bumpy one.
The IBM building in New York City.
The focus on IBM follows concerns about the company’s ties to ITS officials.
Kids playing with a puzzle at day care
Not everybody is on board with Jessica Ramos' proposed payroll tax.
New York City Council members show support for Local 232 union members.
It could limit their influence, but few are openly opposed.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces an emergency executive action to ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes in New York.
It doesn’t ban menthols or regulate the black market.
A teen using an e-cigarette.
The new rules could go into effect as early as next month.
Long Island City
Community development tax break is benefiting the wealthy.
Diane Savino
AB5 would turn gig workers into full employees, and New York may soon follow.
Lyft car
Acting TLC head Bill Heinzen fields questions from lawmakers and advocates alike.