New York Department of Labor
The problem persists despite $193 million in contracts to address it.
Thrive NYC
The outgoing mayor’s signature initiative was much-criticized, and the pandemic has exacerbated psychiatric problems.
Former Queens DA candidate Tiffany Cabán is expected to run for New York City Council.
Groups like the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America say Albany Democrats are not doing enough to promote renewable energy.
Flame resistant furniture
Lobbyists planted stories in local media outlets with quotes from a tenant organizer who never spoke to them.
A Postmates delivery vehicle on the streets of New York City.
While some lawmakers approve of the compromise legislation, there’s not much time left in the session to pass it.
Activists are still demanding more cuts to the NYPD, but they face a steeper challenge this year
The mayor doesn’t propose more cuts to the NYPD, but police reform activists still want them.
What should you expect from Albany in 2021?
A dozen outstanding bills remain on criminal justice reforms, single-payer health care and more.
The controversial Climate and Community Investment Act is almost certainly not going to pass this year.
The Assembly sponsor of the Climate and Community Investment Act says another year or so is needed to rally support.
New Yorkers walking around Union Square on May 1.
But will the city’s coffers be empty for the mayor’s successor?