nyc waterfront
The city and state are planning for sea level rise, but it may be even worse than they’ve anticipated.
The Battery Park Underpass, two days after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
Some of NYC’s biggest new developments are on the water. With flood risks rising, they could end up in the water.
Battery Park City.
Along New York City’s coastlines, and further inland, fortifications are being built to prevent damage from rising sea levels.
How can New York benefit from the Green New Deal?
Although the resolution’s sponsor represents New York City, it doesn’t emphasize urbanism – yet.
Hands rolling a joint
What we know – and what we don’t – about legalizing pot in New York.
Bartenders are among the many different workers not eligible for the $15 minimum wage in New York.
Cuomo touts the state’s $15 wage, but many workers are still waiting. And some may not benefit.
The tech company sued New York City to block a new law mandating minimum wage requirements for app-based ride hail drivers.
Better cell service in the subway may not be that far away.
Transit Wireless announced that it is launching a digital media business and will be offering new products and services to public places and transit systems, including the New York City subway.
Julie Samuels, executive director of Tech:NYC.
Tech:NYC’s new PAC could signal an eagerness for New York’s growing tech sector to take its voice back.
The Nissan IMx Kuro electric concept car has an autonomous drive mode.
Autonomous vehicles are getting more advanced. Are they ready for New York?