Rikers Island

Rafael Salamanca Jr.

Rafael Salamanca on his biggest land use issues

New York City Councilman Rafael Salamanca talks Amazon, homelessness and jails.

Rikers Island

Akeem Browder, brother of Kalief, disappointed in de Blasio’s bail response

Akeem Browder, brother of Kalief Browder, criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lukewarm response to a foundation plan to bail out women and minors in New York City.

New York City

The elected officials opposing the four new jails to replace Rikers

New York City has proposed to build four new jails to replace Rikers in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

New York City

Rikers inmates debate policies including pretrial detention

Rikers Island inmates debate program might help incarcerated people re-enter society.

New York City

Lippman Commission calls for expanding supervised release

Bail reform stalled in the state Legislature this year despite a push from the grassroots to the governor, but the Lippman criminal justice commission is releasing a report saying that New York City doesn’t have to wait until next year to keep more New Yorkers out of jail.

New York City

Why New York should eliminate cash bail for smaller crimes

Race, wealth and geography should not determine whether someone is free or locked up.

Joe Crowley

Bail reform will bring justice

Bail reform: New York must fix our broken pretrial system

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Rikers Island

Where people are locked up around NYC

Where people are locked up around New York City. Spoiler alert: Jails are already in your backyard.

Rikers Island

Nine years to go? Panelists clash over closing Rikers

At a "Is closing Rikers Island a dream or a reality?" forum sponsored by City & State and the New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, players on all sides of the nuanced debate gave their thoughts on closing the jail.

Rikers Island

Close Rikers sooner by reforming parole

Minor parole violations shouldn't automatically trigger jail time.