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Which city leaders are calling for a federal takeover of Rikers Island?

The city comptroller, public advocate, state attorney general, federal prosecutors and even former DOC commissioners all support federal receivership for the city’s jails.

Rikers Island

Federal monitor concludes DOC is incapable of running Rikers well

The monitor’s latest report finds that stabbings are up, deaths in custody are continuing and nothing will change so long as DOC is in charge.

Rikers Island

What would receivership look like for Rikers Island?

Here are the options a judge has for stripping New York City of its control of the dysfunctional jail complex.


After PR stunts, damning reports and a new lawsuit, judge sets stage for potential federal takeover of Rikers next year

Federal judge Laura Taylor Swain is losing patience with the city Department of Correction, which has now come under fire from the court-appointed federal monitor, Legal Aid Society, federal prosecutors, city comptroller and Board of Correction.


Opinion: Closing Rikers is the joke of the decade

There’s no way Rikers will be replaced by four borough-based jails by 2027. So let’s reform Rikers instead.


Opinion: Eric Adams has failed. It’s time for a federal receiver to take over at Rikers

Receivership is the only way to improve conditions and save lives at the troubled jail complex

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Editor's Note: How many more will die at Rikers?

The city keeps sending people to the infamous jail complex, and people keep dying.


More people have died in New York City jails than previously known

Since 2014, at least 120 people held in city jails have died while in custody or shortly after being released on medical grounds – but some of those deaths have gone unreported.


Here's how parents are really treated on Rikers

Unable to exercise their parental rights, incarcerated fathers and mothers can often feel isolated from their children.

Rikers Island

Elected officials sound the alarm on proposed city budget cuts to Rikers

Amid proposed cuts to jail-based programming, New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams says the Eric Adams administration is at a crossroads

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Rikers Island

Comptroller and public advocate tour Rikers, call on feds to take over Rikers

After touring the jail complex, Brad Lander and Jumaane Williams said the city cannot be trusted to manage Rikers Island.


Opinion: We can’t give up on closing Rikers

The city can still close the jail by 2027 if it invests in alternatives to incarceration and supportive housing.

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Urgency to improve Rikers conditions grows as inmate hunger strike enters Day 6

Advocates on Thursday demanded Mayor Eric Adams step in to improve conditions at a rally outside the jail complex.

Rikers Island

Don’t leave people to die from COVID-19 on Rikers Island

The conditions are crowded and unsanitary and the spread inside will eventually get outside.

New York City

Rikers Island should get green infrastructure

When Rikers Island closes, use the land to fight climate change, pollution and environmental injustice.

New York City

Rafael Salamanca on his biggest land use issues

New York City Councilman Rafael Salamanca talks Amazon, homelessness and jails.