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Fernanda Nunes

is a reporting intern at City & State.

New York City


Another ‘Year of the Woman’?

New York women are jumping into congressional races in higher numbers.


Health Care

A status update on Staten Island’s biggest projects and toughest challenges

Staten Island’s biggest projects and toughest challenges


What is driving New York’s health care costs?

Hospital costs, drug prices and societal norms are driving New York’s health care costs.



Insuring the future

What modernization and technology mean for New York's insurance industry.

Andrew Cuomo


School officials want an extra $1.6 billion. Cuomo offered $769 million.

New York's state budget is due soon, and funding for education remains unresolved. City & State spoke with state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia about the funding levels she would like to see for New York's schools and the governor's less generous proposal, as well as as what her department is doing to protect the rights of transgender students. 

Bill de Blasio


Carvalho's out. So who might de Blasio look to next?

While the de Blasio administration enters its fourth month of looking for someone to succeed New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña, here is a list of the people who have been floated publicly as potential candidates for the position.


To combat cybersecurity threats, experts point to internal vulnerabilities

The cybersecurity field is facing new challenges as threats become more sophisticated and connectivity spreads throughout different government organizations and industries. To combat the threats, experts point to internal vulnerabilities.


Passing the torch on criminal justice reform

New York officials have renewed their efforts to reform the state’s criminal justice system in recent years, including raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18 and targeting bail procedures that many have criticized as unfair. These issues mark the latest battles in broader struggle over criminal justice policies that goes back at least as far as the fight over the Rockefeller drug laws.


New York's political power couples

Political power couples: Five romantic relationships that have flowered in New York's political world.

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