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Holly Pretsky

is the Deputy Managing Editor at City & State.

Heard Around Town


Pro-LaSalle ads tied to Tusk Strategies and … Delaware?

Citizens for Judicial Fairness, a group founded by employees of a Delaware-based translation company, is lending its website to “NY donors who want to see LaSalle given a fair hearing.”

New York City


Bronx officials left flummoxed by Orchard Beach debacle

Elected reps from the borough that’s home to the original parking lot site for an asylum-seeker tent shelter expressed confusion and relief.

Interviews & Profiles


Rodneyse Bichotte-Hermelyn is on a mission to make it safer to be pregnant in New York

In her latest maternal health bill, the Brooklyn Assembly member wants to ensure women are able to have a fetus removed from their body after a miscarriage.

Editor's Note


Editor’s note: Could mask-only subway cars make everyone happy?

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s decision to repeal New York’s public transit mask mandate left some vulnerable people stressed about COVID-19 risks. What if they had a special spot on the train?

2022 congressional primaries


The endorsements for New York’s 10th Congressional District

Who’s backing who in the competitive open seat race to represent parts of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn in the House of Representatives.

2022 congressional primaries


2022 primaries: Who’s running for Congress in New York

Looking at every House race across the Empire State – which could be key to which party controls Congress.

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2022 congressional primaries


In the city’s hottest primaries, candidates hold their breath for an endorsement from The New York Times

Candidates in the races for (at least) the 10th, 12th and 17th Congressional Districts are being formally interviewed – and lobbying hard behind the scenes – for the coveted, possibly decisive nod from the Gray Lady.

New York State


Major findings from the AG’s report into Cuomo’s sexual harassment

Investigators spoke with women who had not previously come forward and corroborated accounts from women who had made accusations publicly.

Campaigns & Elections


Another big night for the DSA

The left-wing group showed it isn’t a one-time wonder in Tuesday’s Democratic primaries.