Mayoral contender Eric Adams
The Brooklyn borough president lead in first-place votes, but not enough to declare victory.
City Council Member Brad Lander
Everyone thought Corey Johnson had the comptroller race in the bag. Everyone was wrong.
Eric Adams
Front-runner Eric Adams ranked No. 1 on election night, but it will take weeks to determine the next mayor.
India Walton
Insurgents show strength in Buffalo and Rochester while incumbent can declare victory in Albany.
Alvin Bragg
Alvin Bragg edges out Tali Farhadian Weinstein as majority of votes are counted.
The New York City Council chamber
Carlina Rivera, Rafael Salamanca Jr. and Farah Louis sailed to reelection. More competitive races are still too close to call.
Robert Cornegy Jr.
Tracking the initial results in each borough, including a surprise neck-and-neck race in Queens.
Brad Lander
Going into the comptroller race, everyone thought Corey Johnson had it in the bag, but by the end of the night, Council Member Brad Lander was in the lead.


Mayoral candidate Eric Adams
The next mayor should follow Abraham Lincoln’s lead and bring competitors into their administration.
The next administration needs a three-pronged approach: housing, health care and community.
Progressives need to consolidate behind their only candidate with a chance of winning.
Progressives may be turning towards because she is competent, but her ideology doesn’t always align with theirs.


Elizabeth Crowley
Many expected incumbent Donovan Richards to cruise to victory, but a former adversary had other plans.
Several NYC primaries are close enough that a second-place finisher on election night could pull ahead.
At least 22 women are likely to win the Democratic primaries and are heavily favored to win in the general election.
The Brooklyn borough president lead in first-place votes, but not enough to declare victory.


New York Department of Labor
The problem persists despite $193 million in contracts to address it.
The outgoing mayor’s signature initiative was much-criticized, and the pandemic has exacerbated psychiatric problems.
The mayor doesn’t propose more cuts to the NYPD, but police reform activists still want them.
But will the city’s coffers be empty for the mayor’s successor?


Pride flag flying over the state capitol in Albany.
The LGBTQ leaders and allies of New York.
She calls coming forward the “most terrible” experience of her life, but has she finally brought change to Albany?
The Assembly member defied Gov. Andrew Cuomo over COVID-19 nursing home deaths, but he won’t be bullied by the governor.
The state Senator spoke to City & State about why he’s pushing to automatically seal and expunge the records of formerly incarcerated individuals.



Kiara St. James, co-founder and executive director of the New York Transgender Advocacy Group.
Activist Kiara St. James, along with other activists and lawmakers, worked for years to end the discriminatory law.
How Black women in government and politics are getting it done.
Here’s what to watch during the endless bummer of COVID-19.
NYPD officer unions taught the NYC mayor a lesson in 2014. He hasn’t forgotten it.