Gun Control

Gun Control

As gun laws change in New York, enforcement agencies expect chaos

Police in New York are seeing a surge in requests from gun owners for concealed carry permission following the Supreme Court ruling, but new laws from the state Legislature will likely complicate the process.

Gun Control

Supreme Court strikes down New York’s concealed carry law

The court ruled in favor of two upstate men who argued the state’s restrictions on who can carry a gun outside their home infringed upon their Second Amendment rights.

Gun Control

Eric Adams’ fears that SCOTUS ruling could permit guns on subways is a ‘worst-case scenario’

The court has indicated it is likely to overturn the state’s restrictive permitting requirements for concealed guns, except in “sensitive” public places.

Gun Control

Hochul signs gun laws at the start of a tough election cycle for Democrats

Officials from across the state attended the bill signing that served as much as a rallying cry as an earnest attempt to prevent future shootings.

Gun Control

What is gun microstamping?

A state bill that would require the technology to be included in the manufacturing of some guns sold in New York could be passed by the end of the week.

Gun Control

What have New York lawmakers done to prevent gun violence this year?

State legislators, along with Gov. Kathy Hochul, have responded to mass shootings and the proliferation of illegal guns by introducing a variety of gun control policies and proposals.

Gun Control

SCOTUS could soon overturn New York’s gun law. Here how the state could respond.

The Supreme Court has New York’s gun license law in its crosshairs, and some legal experts said a rash of mass shootings isn’t likely to sway the conservative majority.

New York State

Hochul proposes raising age to purchase AR-15 rifle to 21

Both in Texas and Buffalo, 18-year-old men legally purchased these semiautomatic rifles before their attacks.

New York State

U.S. Supreme Court likely to overturn NY gun law

Trump appointees threaten strict licensing requirements for carrying firearms.

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New York State

State Sen. Zellnor Myrie takes on the rise in gun violence

The Brooklyn lawmaker wants to hold gun manufacturers accountable with a proposed change to the state’s criminal nuisance law.

Gun Control

What does SCOTUS’ Second Amendment case mean for New York?

The U.S. Supreme Court’s dismissal of a gun rights case in New York City is not the end of the fight.

Gun Control

Why New York has such a low rate of gun death

New York’s famously tough gun laws play a role in curbing both homicides and suicides, but there are other factors at play.

Gun Control

The high stakes of NYC’s U.S. Supreme Court gun control case

The decision could signal how a more conservative court will interpret the Second Amendment.

New York State Senate

Gun control bill targeting ‘extreme risks’ advances in state Senate

State Sen. Brian Kavanagh forced a vote on S1733a at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The bill would allow judges to issue temporary orders prohibiting someone from buying or possessing a gun.

New York City

Armed school officers could turn the state Senate blue

The fate of state Sen. Simcha Felder's bill arming guards in schools could impact which party he caucuses with.