Following the asylum-seeker odyssey: a timeline

Tracking the arrival of migrants bused to New York City from the southern border, from April 2022 to now.

New York State

Going down the mayoral control study rabbit hole

The state Education Department’s big report recommends a commission to evaluate mayoral control of New York City schools.

Economic Development

Everything you need to know about the latest proposal in ‘City of Yes’

Mayor Eric Adams’ proposed overhaul of dated zoning regulations would bolster New York’s economic recovery and grow local business.

Albany Agenda

Housing activists balk at watered down ‘good cause’ eviction proposal

Gov. Kathy Hochul could agree to a deal that differs significantly from the original bill.

New York City

Why e-bike batteries are becoming the most dangerous object in New York

A boom in riders and a flood of uncertified batteries has sparked deadly fires in apartments and buildings across the city.

New York State

Hochul: Major Foundation Aid changes off the table for now in Albany

The governor said that by this time next year, the state will have a new formula to give schools enough time to prepare.

Health Care

Bipartisan group calls on Hochul to declare opioid epidemic a public health emergency

More than 50 state lawmakers signed on to a letter sent to the governor urging her to make the declaration.

New York City

Funding set to expire for coordinators who help NYC’s homeless children

Having shelter-based assistance has aided families as they navigate the city’s school system.


Bill targeting illegal weed shops gets push as budget talks continue

The legislation would revoke the liquor, tobacco and lottery licenses of businesses caught selling cannabis under the table.

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Criminal justice reform push comes as state budget negotiations drag on

Advocates join in a call for passing a package of bills that make it easier to challenge wrongful convictions and ease financial burdens on incarcerated persons and their families.

News & Politics

Housing deal may include provision to let landlords increase rents on vacant rent-stabilized apartments

The Assembly speaker confirmed that bringing back rent increases to offset the costs of renovating rent-stabilized apartments is on the budget negotiating table.


Company behind gun detection tech previewed in subway faces multiple lawsuits and federal investigations

Evolv, whose weapons detection scanners were recently demonstrated by Mayor Eric Adams, is being investigated by the SEC and the FTC for allegedly making misleading statements about what its technology can do.


City has funds to reverse library, education cuts and more, Council says

The City Council’s official response to Mayor Eric Adams’ preliminary budget proposal found an additional $6.1 billion they say can be used to reverse cuts and pad reserves.


Even before Hochul proposed cuts, many school NY districts were struggling

COVID-19-related federal aid is running out, and tax revenues were also impacted by the pandemic.


MTA gives final approval to congestion pricing plan

Though several lawsuits against the plan are still pending, the MTA board took a major step in approving details of the road tolling program on Wednesday.