Chair of the Senate Finance Committee Liz Krueger on March 30, 2021.
Between Democratic supermajorities and mounting crises, the governor seems to have caved on some major sticking points on legal weed.
Andrew Yang
A majority of Democratic candidates want to give more money to New Yorkers.
The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
Overcoming hesitancy among residents and getting them to vaccination sites pose challenges.
Students at Phyl's Academy in Brooklyn.
The upcoming state budget gives state liberals a chance to win a yearslong fiscal fight with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Demonstrators at Washington Square Park on Monday, March 29.
Pay stubs and bank statements could prevent undocumented workers from receiving retroactive pandemic relief.
The "Abolition Living Room" created by protestors
The number of renters suffering hardships due to COVID-19 and seeking moratoriums on their rent through May 1, has more than tripled.
Bill de Blasio at the Campaign Against Hunger Food Pantry
Reimbursement will be even lower than it was last year, when the initiative’s funding was cut.
Hunger strikers at the Church of the Ascension on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for a rally.
Hundreds of thousands have gone without unemployment benefits. Pressure is on the Legislature as the state budget deadline looms.
The New York State Capitol in Albany.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are aiming to make a deal by April 1 despite unprecedented challenges.
Outdoor dining in NYC
More transmissible COVID-19 variants are rapidly spreading, yet restrictions are being loosened.