The tech company hopes the new legislation will lead to the NYC Council reconsidering its stance on home-sharing.
The tech company argues Rochester’s regulations for installing telecom equipment violate federal law.
Three people making their way through a flooded street in New York City's Red Hook neighborhood during Superstorm Sandy, October 29, 2012.
Why isn’t a senator from New York focused on safeguarding urban communities?
Numerous umbrellas connected and intertwined.
You haven’t heard the last of single-payer and the Scaffold Law.
Empire State Plaza and the New York State Capitol at twilight.
The chief information officer cited health reasons for his decision to leave.
A man departs a hot air balloon via helium balloon.
Sweeping state laws are shaking up the industry – and customers may feel the impact.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination during the Amherst, N.H., July 4th parade.
The senator from New York wants to spend $60 billion to help bridge the digital divide.
A young woman pushes a man in a wheelchair across the street.
Why it has taken New York City 30 years to even make a plan for accessible sidewalks.
Taxis driving throughout the city.
The Commission's new regulations include extending the cap on new for-hire vehicle licenses and putting a cap on how long drivers can cruise without passengers.
Optimus Ride's self-driving car.
Optimus Ride, a self-driving shuttle service, is rolling out in the Brooklyn Navy Yard today.