New York City's criminal court has started conducting all arraignments by video conferencing.
An essential human element of the justice system may be lost when proceedings happen remotely.
The Parkside School
Focusing on students’ social and emotional issues may help retain teachers in low-income communities.
Students at the One World Middle School at Edenwald in the Bronx.
Without federal support for state and local governments, the governor dipped into funds meant for education.
Meet the new New York State lawmakers.
Taxes, public school funding and COVID-19 relief will test state lawmakers before the April 1 state budget deadline.
Gov. Cuomo in Syracuse on March 9.
Even a weakened governor still has a lot of power in the executive-oriented budget process.
Students at One World Middle School at Edenwald in the Bronx.
Getting them back into the classroom will help, but they’ll need more mental health support when they return.
Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sep. 27, 2021.
The governor is being criticized over the issue again. Here’s everything that has happened on it.
The Manhattan Detention Complex, a municipal jail in Lower Manhattan.
Most New York jails don’t allow the treatment, but there’s a bill to change that.
The temporary hospital set up at the Javits Center in March 2020.
New York’s hospitals proved resilient, while health care disparities remained.
It remains entirely possible that the three-term governor will face no consequences at all from lawmakers.
Holding the governor accountable is hard when he controls the state ethics commission.