A deliveryman on his Dongguan BuFengZhe (BFZ) electric bike making deliveries in New York in the Chelsea neighborhood.
Critics argue that the NYPD is seizing e-bikes and serving fines to delivery cyclists, who are often low-income immigrants.
The state Senate passed state Sen. Kevin Thomas' SHIELD Act.
Cables being embedded into the ground to provide a broadband connection in a rural area.
U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling on the FCC to demand accurate service data from internet providers.
The state Legislature is finalizing a legislative package on state contracting for minority and women-owned businesses.
Civil rights advocates have been raising alarms about the technology’s privacy and security risks.
Tenant advocates in Albany make a last-ditch effort to pass rent regulation reforms.
The policy debate raging between landlords and tenant advocates.
NYC Apartments
A progressive push to extend and expand tenant protections hinges on Cuomo, upstate lawmakers and beating the clock.
An apartment set up to Airbnb.
Airbnb is no stranger to regulatory pushback, but in New York City, the company’s various legal battles are heating up.
facial recognition technology
The New York State Education Department released a statement calling on the school district to delay its usage.
So much for including marijuana legalization into the budget.
The measure to lessen the impact of disproportionate policing is touted as a compromise.