Speed cameras looking down on the action.
As many as 2,250 cameras are expected to be placed in 750 school zones.
A young woman smokes marijuana.
Without data, scientists aren’t sure whether to give marijuana the green light.
Props inverting Amazon's trademark logo were a mainstay at numerous protests against the company's proposed HQ2 in Queens last year.
A new college poll reveals most New Yorkers were sad to see Amazon abandon its HQ2 plans
The idea behind an opioid tax is to punish pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid epidemic.
Recent spikes in opioid overdoses have also taken place in suburban and rural areas
Lime is among the companies participating in a Department of Transportation pilot program for dockless e-bikes.
Lime, Jump, and Motivate are attempting to collaborate with government agencies
Josh Mohrer, then Uber's New York manager, led a rally in front of City Hall in 2015 while the council considered a cap on for-hire vehicles.
Uber drove circles around would-be regulators. That doesn’t work anymore.
ew York Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.
The Manhattan Democrat has been pushing a bill over a quarter century.
Hudson Yards.
This new insulated community will be a space for New York’s burgeoning tech scene.
Yellow and Green Cab drivers protesting last year outside of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Midtown office against the congestion charge for Manhattan drivers.
The ride-hail app has spent $1 million in its campaign to pass congestion pricing
Attention has turned back to the company's warehouse labor conditions