Georgia women might be prosecuted for getting an abortion out of state.
A patient receives a vaccination.
Hot-button issues span vaccines, single-payer health care and the Medical Aid in Dying Act.
Is there enough time to legalize recreational marijuana?
Some advocates say the support is there, but time may be running out.
A child in a wheelchair.
Critics say a state agency that investigates abuse and neglect in facilities serving people with special needs is unfair to the accused.
Members of the Hasidic community in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities are becoming less deferential to their religious leadership.
Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried speaking during the "Making Health Coverage Available and Affordable to All New Yorkers" panel at City & State's Healthy NY Summit, Wednesday morning.
But the hot-button health care issue is only heating up.
The debate over vaccination policy has always been contentious.
New York City declared a public health emergency over a measles outbreak. This is why some children aren’t immunized.
A young woman smokes marijuana.
Without data, scientists aren’t sure whether to give marijuana the green light.
The idea behind an opioid tax is to punish pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid epidemic.
Recent spikes in opioid overdoses have also taken place in suburban and rural areas
ew York Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.
The Manhattan Democrat has been pushing a bill over a quarter century.