Lady Gaga is one of the performers at the 2020 MTV VMAs.
In the latest instance of COVID inequality, performers at MTV award show get special treatment.
On Thursday, it was revealed that roughly 400 of New York City’s 3,700 emergency medical services workers may soon be let go.
Without more funding, the city says it will be forced to fire 400 first responders.
Elmhurst Hospital in Queens
A new Health Department report said it could be too costly to implement for some hospitals and nursing homes.
COVID-19 testing center in Ocean Hill Brooklyn.
Experts say a national program to increase the supply of materials is needed.
People dining outdoors in NYC on July 8th.
What the “revolving core” of COVID-19 says about infections in New York.
Governor Cuomo during a briefing on July 13th.
As the rest of the country sees enormous spikes in coronavirus cases, the state braces for the inevitable.
Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn.
After a Black woman died after giving birth, renewed interest in tackling longstanding racial disparities.
If the coronavirus is airborne, reopening certain businesses such as nail, hair and tanning salons and tattoo shops – all of which are included in Phase Three – may not be as safe as previously thought.
With new data available regarding COVID-19’s transmissibility, the state would be wise to rethink some of the industries it’s allowing to reopen.
Governor Cuomo at Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
Nursing home deaths from COVID-19 are more complicated than the state Department of Health report explains.
The line for a COVID-19 testing site in April.
One month in, New York City Health + Hospitals is finding its footing.