The New York State Capitol in Albany.
Sen. Kevin Thomas’s New York Privacy Act and state Sen. Diane Savino’s Dependent Worker Act are among the bills stalled until next session.
high school
The legislation would prohibit elementary and secondary schools from purchasing biometric technology until July 1, 2022.
airbnb search
New York City’s Office of Special Enforcement is filing a suit against 13 people and entities that the city says turned housing units in 36 buildings into illegal rentals.
DoITT’s failure to stop a preventable bug from crashing the city’s official wireless network prevented the city from remotely controlling 12,000 traffic lights.
Some see his resignation as the result of DoITT’s failure to stop a preventable bug from crashing the city’s official wireless network.
Should New Yorkers be concerned by potential 5G health concerns?
As New York gets closer to deploying next-generation wireless networks, some are raising red flags.
A Brooklyn view of the Manhattan Bridge.
A new report reveals that Brooklyn has been second only to San Francisco in the growth of startups.
Mayor de Blasio plans to extend a once-temporary cap on new for-hire vehicles and limit how long they can cruise without passengers.
A helicopter on the Pier 6 helipad in Lower Manhattan.
New York lawmakers are calling for a ban on all non-essential helicopters over Manhattan.
Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island in New York.
The city's range of tech education offerings has expanded to keep up with its growing tech sector.
A deliveryman on his Dongguan BuFengZhe (BFZ) electric bike making deliveries in New York in the Chelsea neighborhood.
Critics argue that the NYPD is seizing e-bikes and serving fines to delivery cyclists, who are often low-income immigrants.