An Uber vehicle.
Sen. Diane Savino will hold a public hearing on Tuesday to hear from stakeholders, gig workers and labor organizers.
A 5G smart cellular network antenna base station.
JMA Wireless has plans to manufacture the world’s first indoor 5G millimeter wave radio system.
A helicopter on the Pier 6 helipad in Lower Manhattan.
Climate activists thought car emissions were bad but these helicopters are another story.
A subway elevator.
It’s not just about installing new elevators.
Biometric tech
Advocates are highlighting concerns about privacy and algorithmic flaws.
Fit bit
The city has seen positive responses from residents who've started using FitBits.
Net neutrality supporters protest outside of Comcast's headquarters in 2018.
A new federal ruling would let states to regulate the internet even if the FCC won’t.
New York City's OMNY system.
The tap-and-go payment system may pose a threat to undocumented immigrants.
New York state Assemblyman Michael Blake.
The Assemblyman worked as a political consultant for a firm that was paid by Airbnb.