Tech trader
WeWork’s initial public offering shows how power has shifted between investors and entrepreneurs.
Can the app-based for-hire vehicle industry regain its mojo in New York City?
A new op-ed in suggests creating an approvals process for algorithms based on the way the Federal Drug Administration tests new drugs.
New York City's new OMNY system.
The new tap-and-go payment system has already surpassed one million taps.
The tech company hopes the new legislation will lead to the NYC Council reconsidering its stance on home-sharing.
The tech company argues Rochester’s regulations for installing telecom equipment violate federal law.
Empire State Plaza and the New York State Capitol at twilight.
The chief information officer cited health reasons for his decision to leave.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination during the Amherst, N.H., July 4th parade.
The senator from New York wants to spend $60 billion to help bridge the digital divide.
Taxis driving throughout the city.
The Commission's new regulations include extending the cap on new for-hire vehicle licenses and putting a cap on how long drivers can cruise without passengers.
Optimus Ride's self-driving car.
Optimus Ride, a self-driving shuttle service, is rolling out in the Brooklyn Navy Yard today.