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is a reporter for The Chief Leader.

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George Gresham wants labor leaders to support younger organizers

The 1199SEIU president talked about how the old guard can learn from people like Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls.



How New York’s programs and policies are keeping the homeless on the street

Despite damning reports, calls to action and billions spent, New York is perpetuating the crisis.

Andrew Cuomo


Transit worker contract a major test for Cuomo’s union ties

The governor started out by bashing labor, but later embraced unions. Where is he heading next?

New York City


NYC schools begin contacting 9/11 survivors about health risks

Students and teachers near ground zero were exposed to toxins. They’re only being told now.

New York City


The wound that won’t heal

Why thousands of New Yorkers might be 9/11 victims – and not even know it.

New York State


The labor movement’s push for farmworker rights

Unions are lobbying for expanded prevailing wages and addressing the gig economy.

New York City


De Blasio’s mixed record with public sector unions

Labor and union leaders are doubtful that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is fit to be president — despite the fact that he has yet to announce that he is running — due to his mixed record with public sector unions.

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Playing politics with the NY1 picket line

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NY1 boycott amid a long-simmering standoff between the channel’s parent company, Charter Spectrum, and IBEW Local 3 has not led to a breakthrough. But in the heat of election season, his move sends a clear message to the labor movement.



Which corporations get to sponsor WNYC? It’s not so black and white.

Which corporations get to air their messages on WNYC? New York Public Radio President and CEO Laura Walker says it's not a simple process.



The corporatization of WNYC

New York Public Radio markets itself on the presumption that as a nonprofit alternative to the corporate media, it is driven by the public interest instead of a self-serving profit motive. But how well is it living up to its high-minded reputation?



Labor is under threat. A new bus managers union shows how to fight back.

A new MTA bus managers union could be a model for growth as the labor movement faces an uncertain landscape.



Gothamist is back. But what about its union?

Gothamist is back, but its new owner, WNYC, is grappling with a culture shift as union and management prepare for contract talks.


21st century journalism

Labor activists arehailing this month’s successful organizing drive by the 400 staffers at Vox Media as a sign that digital journalists can unionize and attain the kind of job security that reporters took for granted a generation ago.